We have a whole list of classes taught by our director, Toni Bravo.

Join us, join with your kids! Stay active, stay strong!! STAY SAFE AND SANE!!!

If you can afford it, tick the “DONATE” button, the money goes directly to our non profit organization. It will help to pay our dancers, musicians, and designers! Your support is appreciated!! Can’t contribute? Please still join!!!

Write us with requests for links to:


Tuesday and Friday at 7:00am (CT) 12:00 (GMT) 14:00 (CEST) LEARNING TO DANCE, DANCING TO LEARN

Tuesday at 10:30am (CT) 3:30 (GMT) 5:30 (CEST) MODERN DANCE for Kids

Tuesday at 4:30pm (CT) and Saturday at 10:00am BALLET ONE – Kids 7-9

Wednesday at 12:00am (CT) 3:30 (GMT) 5:30 (CEST) LEARNING TO DANCE, DANCING TO LEARN

Wednesday 4:30pm (CT) PRE BALLET – Kids 4-6

Thursday 4:30pm (CT) MODERN DANCE for Kids

For Teens and Adults:

Monday  at 11:00  MUSCLE SCULPTING [this technique is a perfect balance between mobility and strong support; and is quite easy to follow!!!!]

Wednesdays at 11:00 MUSCLE SCULPTING

Friday at 11:00 and 5:30PM MUSCLE SCULPTING

Monday and Wednesdays at 5:35 CONTEMPORARY BALLET Barre and Center for DANCERS  All Levels

Tuesdays at at 5:35 CONTEMPORARY SlowFlow, Mobility, Mindfulness, Strength [Entry Level/Returners/Improvers]

Thursdays at 5:35 CONTEMPORARY MODERN for DANCERS  [All Levels]

Saturdays at 12noon CONTEMPORARY MODERN [Company Level]


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