Our Mission and Our Work

VCP and DSDT, Mission Statement

Since 1999 Violet Crown Players Inc has sponsored Ms. Bravo and Diverse Space Dance Theatre. This non-profit organization has made it possible for DSDT and DSYouthDT to evolve and continue offering a path for young dancers to pursue their dream.

Ms. Bravo, The Violet Crown Players, DSDT, DSYDT, and DSDTKids form a system, based on the belief that the arts have the power to positively impact all areas of a child’s life. The arts have a unique ability to capture children’s imaginations–motivating them to strive for excellence and prompting them to see themselves and the world around them from new perspectives. We a committed to providing SAFE training with emphasis on artistic merit and building strength of body and of character. We are affordable and accessible. We also provide our members with ample opportunities for performance in Austin and in Europe.


DSDT is a collective of dancers that explores and transforms the most natural forms of human communication, movement and vocal expression—a laboratory of movement and sound recognition and expansion. We are a group of professional dancers of diverse ages and cultural backgrounds. We share this diversity and the results of our research, of concepts, movement and word, through one common language: dance theatre. We listen to the past and the present. We all have a voice that leads us to connect with each other, then to our collaborators and to our audience.

Every theme-context evokes a variety of new and known images, moods and flavors of life. The “Moments” that arise we explore, transform and share. The watching eye does not need to comprehend but feel the impact, absorb the emotions and connections embedded in the action and the words and, ultimately, allow them to link with personal experiences and view their surroundings with a new sensibility.

Our mission also includes engaging the art of dance with social and global concerns.

Other core believes in DSDT’s and Bravo’s system:

  • Dance training builds muscles, character, and community. Nowadays, it can also provide youth with an awareness of health and social issues.
  • Many talented young dancers in the Austin area deserve the opportunity to obtain the best training available in the genre of dance. Bravo provides it, at a nominal cost, and she takes it a step further.
  • DSYDT performance and touring experiences increase our young dancers’ global perspectives. They also increase and strengthen the connection between youth from both sides of the ocean, all based on artistic merit and social consciousness, and they pave the way for more young artists to become worthy ambassadors of our beloved city.

We are the only Youth dance company in the USA that performs and trains in EUROPE every summer.


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