TRUST at Vortex, April 21-23

We have explored the theme through text, dance, and images. The result is a inspiring dancetheatre piece that reveals both, the beauty and the dangers of Trust

Choreography by:
Michael Jahoda, Toni Bravo and the cast, ages 10 to 40.
Video imagery by Phillip F. Patterson Jr.

In this production you will see the pieces to be performed in Dublin and Berlin this summer. Our Youth Company has been working hard to be able to attend the Irish Youth Dance Festival in Dublin and The Annual DSYDT Residency in Berlin.
This will be our fifth tour to Europe!
We will have a Silent Auction to help fund our travelsTrust good copy

And tickets for a raffle for:
A Weekend at Rockport, Texas
4 tickets to Ballet Austin’s production “To China, with Love…” plus dinner and champagne
 4 tickets to a production of Austin Shakespeare plus dinner and champagne

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